I have a passion for small business and care deeply about helping others succeed. I launched TAB Reno-Tahoe because I believe that owners of privately held businesses can derive huge benefit from injecting strategic thinking and behavior into their routines, enabling them to take their personal and professional lives to the next level – moving their aspirations, goals and agendas forward.

TAB members have already succeeded in aspiring to business ownership and are wise enough to know they don’t need to go it alone. What leaders typically realize when they first join their board is that there’s an invaluable set of resources – their peers – to whom they can reach out in times of challenge as well as opportunity. Members want to grow, change, learn and be held accountable. TAB has proprietary tools that really help accelerate the creation of high-performing businesses, freeing owners to pursue and accomplish their visions.

I love sharing our experiences in a team-oriented environment to contribute to the personal and professional success of each member. It’s incredibly gratifying to tease out and experience the collective wisdom around the table. It’s my way of giving back and of contributing to the growth and success of our Northern Nevada community.

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